About Us

Hey guys!

We are Maria and Paulo, and we have two children, Lourenço (Game147Boss) and Francisco (HaloVizinho9).

We created this site to share activity suggestions for the youngest.

From a very young age, our children have the habit of doing activities with us, from drawing, building, creating, observing, and exploring, stimulating their creativity and imagination while simultaneously helping their development.

We don’t have any training in the children’s area. But, we like to create/share as a family.

The kids liked the idea of ​​us creating a website and a YouTube channel so much that they also wanted to have theirs, where they could share their ideas and games with other kids/parents. So we have three websites and three YouTube channels, and we are also present on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Portal dos Miúdos (Kids Portal) – website and YouTube Channel – where we publish content created together.

Portal do Lourenço and Game147Boss Channel – where we publish content created by Lourenço.

Portal do Francisco and HaloVizinho9 Channel – where we publish content created by Francisco.

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