Autumn Leaves – Chalk Painting

We are in the autumn season, and when we walk through the streets, we see many leaves of fallen trees on the ground.

Let’s use the autumn theme and do a coloring chalk activity to create silhouettes of autumn tree leaves.

What you will need:

  • Colored chalk
  • Brown sheet (preferably paperboard)
  • Tree leaf template (you can download 2 templates below)

Let’s do it!

  1. Cut out the sheet template.
  2. Place the template in the center of the brown sheet.
  3. With the fingers of one hand pressing the template so that it does not leave the site, use the other hand, take chalk and start painting. You can use whatever colors you want; you have to use your creativity.

Watch the video where the kids had fun creating the silhouettes of autumn tree leaves.

Download your tree leaves templates here:

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