Little Boats with cork stoppers

Let’s build little boats with cork stoppers and set them afloat?

Cork is a light and resistant material that can float on water because it is less dense than water, just like the wood used in the construction of many boats.


  • three cork stoppers (per Boat)
  • rubber bands
  • toothpicks
  • cardboard
  • studs
Material used in the construction of the little boat with cork stoppers.

Let’s build it:

  1. Take three corks, place them side by side and join them with the elastic.
  2. Insert the toothpick into the cork in the middle (hint: you can use a pin to make the hole for the toothpick). We already have the mast!
  3. Cut a triangle out of the cardboard that will be your Boat’s sail.
  4. Decorate the candle to your preference. If you want, you can also decorate the corks to give them more color.
  5. Make a hole at each end of the candle with the help of the toothpick or the pins.
  6. Place the sail on the mast. And that’s it; we have the little Boat ready to sail!

Now all you have to do is test the little Boat. Fill a container with water, place your Boat and have fun! Try blowing out the back of the sail and watch your little Boat gaining speed.

Idea: Get some friends, create your little Boats and have fun racing!

See here how we created our little boats with cork stoppers.

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