Mr. and Ms. Chestnut

Here is the cutest couple made of cardboard: Mr. and Ms. Chestnut.

Let’s reuse the cardboard we have at home! Follow the instructions and get to work.

What you will need:

  • cardboard
  • black cardstock
  • hemp yarn
  • cork stopper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • red gloss paper
  • black pen
  • paints

Let’s do it!

  1. Download the file containing the outline of the chestnut and Mr. Chestnut’s hat. Cut them out.
  1. Use the chestnut template and draw chestnut outline on the cardboard. Do this in duplicate. Cut them out.
  1. Use the hat template and draw the outline on the black cardstock. Cut it out.
  2. Cut a small strip from the red gloss paper to place on the hat. Glue on the hat.
  1. On each cardboard, make four holes: two in the broadest part of the chestnut (which will be the feet), and two more, one on each side (which will be the arms).
  1. Draw eyes and mouth on each of the cardboards. I chose to draw and cut out the eyes on a piece of white cardboard to make them stand out more.
  1. Cut four pieces of hemp yarn, which we will use to make the feet of both chestnuts.
  2. Take the cork stopper and cut it into four equal parts in the shape of small discs. Drill a hole in the middle of each disk. An adult must do this task.
  1. Pass the thread through the hole in the cork disc and tie a knot. Repeat this process for the four cork discs. Now you have four threads, each with a cork disk at one end.
  2. Tie each of these threads in a knot in the holes made in the cardboard in the widest area.
  1. Paint the feet of Mr. and Ms. Chestnut. I used red for Ms. Chestnut and green for Mr. Chestnut.
  2. Cut twelve pieces of hemp yarn, three strands for each arm. The task is to braid each of these sets of three strands, and end up with four braids.
  3. Thread each braid through the holes for the arms and tie a knot in the back.
  4. At the other end, tie a knot and cut the threads so they are about 1cm apart and look like fingers.
  1. Finally, glue the black hat to the top of the cardboard that will be Mr. Chestnut.
Mr. and Ms. Chestnut

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